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Tutankhamun's Artifacts Are To Be Transferred: Experts Afraid Of The Potential Damage

May 09, 2017 04:55 AM EDT

Experts are painstakingly planning the move of Tutankhamun's artifacts to the new Grand Egyptian Museum
(Photo : Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

Archeologist and conservation authorities are having a tough challenge on how to safely transport Pharaoh Tutankhamun's artifacts. Items like the throne, bed, and chests are to be transferred to the new Grand Egyptian Museum, also known as the Giza Museum due to its very close proximity to the pyramids. The King Tut's transfer prompts the international experts to discuss the procedure to transport them safely.

To recall, there was a massive uproar in 2014 when an accident happened that damaged the priceless King Tut artifacts. A group of workers was installing new lights near Tutankhamun's death mask when they accidentally broke the beard. The workers hastily used an epoxy compound to reattach the beard.

The conservation authorities discovered the knocked off beard and cried in dismay. King Tut's artifacts are considered to be a world heritage and damage are unacceptable. It also took a year for the combined team of Egypt and German experts to painstakingly scrape the epoxy and properly restore Tutankhamun's severed beard, according to ABC News.

Given the 2014 precedent, the Ministry of Antiquities assembled an international team, comprising of Egypt, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, and Switzerland. A global consensus should be reached in order to delicately transport King Tut's effects. Even so, Egyptologist Gabrielle Pieke admits that moving Tutankhamun to its new location is a tall order. She also urged the officials to carefully plan the project before commencing.

Meanwhile, the international meeting is equally important for other King Tut-related agenda. There is a new research that can shed light on new methods in displaying human remains like the Tutankhamun mummy, said the Christian Dogma. Further, scientists extracted and matched the DNA of King Tut to those of his presumed family and daughter from the same era.

There is a plan for the restoration of the funeral furniture of Tutankhamun as well. This is to be accomplished before the formal opening of the museum. King Tut is to be housed in a new hall that covers a massive 7,000 square meters hall in the Grand Egypt Museum.

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