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EU Is Urged To act Against Denmark For Supporting The Killing Of The Pilot Whales

May 11, 2017 03:09 AM EDT

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Environmental campaigners have recently accused Denmark of facilitating the traditional hunting of the pilot whales. The activists have urged the EU to act against this Scandinavian country.

Reports say Denmark is supporting the killing of the pilot whales in the Faroe Islands. According to Geert Vons, the director of the popular activist group the Sea Shepherd Netherlands, hunting dolphins and whales in Europe is a forbidden act. That means EU does not allow the killing of these large mammals. Environmental campaigners from all over the world have already raised their voices against this act.

The environmental campaigners have requested Brussels to start the "infringement proceedings" against this Scandinavian state. The activists utter that sufficient evidence has already surfaced that show Danish officials from the customs, navy and the police are facilitating this forbidden act. Even these officials have been actively participating in the killing of the pilot whales, Phys.org reported. Geert Vons accuses that by supporting the hunting, Denmark ultimately fails to fulfill its EU obligations.

The Faroe Islands is a self-governing autonomous territory with a population of 50,000 inhabitants. It is located in the North Atlantic. The interesting fact is this autonomous territory decided not to become a member of the EU. Tough Denmark chose to join the European Union in 1973.

Inhabitants of the Faroe Islands are heavily dependent on fishing that mainly includes mackerel and herring. In a word, fish farming covers a major portion of the goods exports. Now the said hunting of the pilot whales is held as a part of the tradition every year from June to November. But, currently, this act is considered as forbidden by the EU.

Every year during the said time period from June to November, the pilot whales are driven by a flotilla of the islanders into a bay. These marine mammals are then captured and killed by hand. Many locals defend this crude act and claim it as their cultural right and also eat the blubber and meat of the whale. Constant hunting has severely affected this cetacean population and so the EU has requested every member state to stay away from this crude act.

Mail Online reported about this painful hunting. It is the same picture every year when dozens of pilot whales can't avert their fate from the knife blows. It is now a common practice in the Faroe Islands to force these marine mammals to bathe in the blood of their own companions. Currently, the Environmental campaigners and the EU are trying hard to stop this butchery.

When this hunting is performed, then inhabitants of the Faroe Islands gather to cherish the bloodthirsty spectacle. The tragic part is these innocent pilot whales become the victims of the brutal human behavior every year. The recent move by the activists to urge the EU is a part to stop this brutal slaughtering.

Popular activist group the Sea shepherd has been trying for a long time to stop this traditional hunting of the pilot whales. Now Brussels can apply the infringement proceedings" and demand legal explanations from the national governments on a specific issue. The de facto capital of the EU can also approach to the European Court of Justice for legal action. The court can utilize its power to impose strong financial penalties if the member states don't follow or fail to comply with the rules.

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