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Mars Life Search: Red Planet's Situation About To Get Weird

May 14, 2017 07:00 PM EDT

NASA's Mars rover finds new clues about life on the Red Planet
(Photo : News From World/ You Tube Screenshot) After conducting an analysis of the crescent-shaped dunes on Mars, the Curiosity rover has taken samples from a linear dune on the Red Planet.

From the very beginning, NASA and other space agencies have spent billions of dollars on Mars life search operation which assailing the planet with spacecraft flybys, photo snapping orbiters and landers. Many scientists say that the odds are good and they expect a watershed discovery, but the truth is that no convincing signs of life have emerged till now.

As per Scoopnest, the researchers who are still working on Mars life search aim to increase their search program with the help of possible ways. As the hunt turns out to be more warmed (some would state edgier), researchers are engaging a constantly expanding number of conceivable clarifications for Martian biology as absent.

For instance, could there be a "conceal" whereby the harsh Martian condition by one means or another devastates all biosignatures, i.e. all indications of past or present life? Or then again maybe life there is so outside that its biosignatures are just unrecognizable to the researchers, covered up on display, making it difficult of mars life search.

Till now there is only one solution to the mars life search made till now, i.e. there is no life on the red planet or simply there never was any life. Scientific American reported that still, the scientists are not giving up yet. This year's Astrobiology Science Conference which was held in April had the discussion and scientists revealed that they are going to be more creative with creating new strategies and technologies for shaping the next generation of Mars exploration.

There are many views from different researchers around the work regarding mars life search. The Mars exploration started with the water. Water, the compound which has life on the planet earth, didn't show any signs of life on the red planet. Maybe, because it is too salty, but the scientists are now bucking up to find life in a different way if life is really there.

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