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Robots Presented In Virtual Reality Also Scored High In Human Likeness

May 13, 2017 06:24 AM EDT


Today, science has progressed a long way. Various discoveries make the human life much easier. But the biggest contribution of science is robots and conversations with them. A recent study by researchers found that live interactions with robots increase their perceived human likeness.

In future, a robot will be part of human’s everyday lives. Recently, a group of scientist including Constanze Schreiner, Martina Mara, and Markus will present their findings at the 67th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association in San Diego, CA. They arranged a platform where people observed one of three experimental human-robot interactions (HRI) either in real life, in virtual reality (VR) on a 3D screen, or on a 2D screen.

The scripted HRI between human and robot was 4.5 min long reported by Phys.Org. On that particular time, people in the auditorium saw that Robot assisting the human in organizing appointments such as conducting web searches and finding a birthday present for his mom.

This analysis revealed, the people who introduced Robot through the VR, perceived the robot as less human-like than participants who watched a live HRI. But still, these two groups did not differentiate in regard of perceived realness, as reported by Live Science.

In addition, if someone wants to study in this HRI and participants evaluations of humanoid service robots they need to fall back on video stimuli because of limited resources. This is a new technique using participants evaluations of a humanoid service robot when they observed either on a 2D video, in 3D virtual reality, or in real life.

Apart from this, a service robot assists human beings by performing various aspects. They are typically autonomous and operated by a built-in control system. Service robots have a wide range of application from hospitals and nursing homes to hotels and the user’s households, said scientist Schreiner. According to Schreiner, a Service Robot Encountered in Real Life Appears More Real and Humanlike than on Video or in VR.

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