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McAfee Defends Preinstalled VirusScan In Samsung Galaxy S8, Stressed Protection Against Virus & Malware

May 14, 2017 07:11 PM EDT


Samsung is taking the issues of security in their own hands as they decide to ship the upcoming Galaxy S8 preinstalled with McAfee VirusScan. Smartphones are always a lucrative target of hacking and malware so Samsung wants to secure their flagship with an extra layer of protection. However, there is a debate whether this decision is going to annoy owners who might think that it is just another bloatware installed on their device.

According to McAfee executive John Giamatteo, Samsung Galaxy S8 owners should not consider the decision as intrusive. Instead, having the McAfee VirusScan in their device is securing the owners' home network as well. It is due to high chances that every device within a network might get compromised should a virus or malware gets into the smartphone, Digital Trends reported.

But then again, there are claims that Samsung is toying with the idea of induced product to the Galaxy S8 owners. A partnership was recently forged between Samsung and McAfee. Being the security carrier for the brand means not only installing the VirusScan to smartphones but into other devices like computers and the smart TVs, according to Gadgets 360.

For their part, McAfee stressed that having VirusScan direct from out of the box means a foolproof security from the very start for Samsung Galaxy S8 owners. They also assured that this partnership is going to be the finest yet from McAfee since a breakup from Intel and becoming a standalone company last month. The preinstalled VirusScan also marked the first time that McAfee did so on any device.

McAfee said that Samsung is scared of the escalating number of smartphones that are being compromised due to virus and malware. The most common among these risks are stolen financial credentials and identity theft. Being so, the Samsung Galaxy S8 decided to take the double-edged sword and risk the mixed public reaction.

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