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Space Travel Is Dangerous: Learn How To Reduce Space Mission Risks From These Tips From NASA

May 15, 2017 06:27 AM EDT

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Since Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon in the 1960s, major space trips have then followed the quest to explore the space in an attempt to carbon copy Armstrong's major feat. Though the mission was commendable and deserved lifetime recognition, one thing that cannot be taken out of the equation is that astronauts risked their lives. As space explorations increase, NASA has recently provided major tips on how to reduce space mission risks.

At a major conference known as the Human to Mars Summit held in Washington D.C last May 9, scientists from NASA broke down key ways on how to reduce space mission risks. The organization has pointed out major tips to equip astronauts in their long journey from planet Earth to Mars.

According to Space, the International Space Station has been a crucial platform for NASA in finding out ways on how to reduce space mission risks and has been working for the institution for many decades. To slash major risks in the journey, experts stressed that doing missions closer to home could help crewmembers hurdle possible challenges. Being in the ISS could give astronauts a background on what is to face and experience in real space exploration such as sending a human to planet Mars.

Based on BBC, living without gravity is what makes space travel really dangerous. NASA's associate administrator for Science Mission Directorate John Grunsfeld health is one important factor to reduce space risks mission. Normally, astronauts stay on the orbiting complex in a span of six to eight months. With this long period, being healthy, staying physically fit and consistently entertained will steer crewmembers productivity in an exploration.

Aside from utilizing the ISS as the main environment to reduce space mission risks, NASA also incorporates major activities and more realistic simulations. The organization also stages mock missions, which includes simulations held underwater or in caves and in already-built facilities like The Mars Society's Mars Desert Research Station located in Utah.

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