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Massachusetts Is Preparing To Bring New Legislation On Smoking Age Hike

May 15, 2017 06:31 AM EDT

A smoker holds a cigarette while smoking in a downtown restaurant August 9, 2005 in Louisville, Kentucky
(Photo : Mike Simons/Getty Images) A smoker holds a cigarette while smoking in a downtown restaurant August 9, 2005 in Louisville, Kentucky. Louisville, the largest city in a tobacco growing state, plans this week to consider a ban on lighting up in restaurants, day care centers and most other businesses.

People in Massachusetts are ready to bring new legislation to hike the age of sale for tobacco products. The legislation includes the increment of age limit from 18 to 21.

According to WCVB, doctors, teenagers, former smokers and the public health advocates are preparing to attend the Statehouse for the public hearing on this legislation. They are heading to attend the public hearing on this new legislation on Tuesday. The key fact is to increase the age of sale for the tobacco products from 18 to 21 in Massachusetts.

Interestingly, the new legislation would add the e-cigarettes to the current smoke-free workplace law. Even the law can also prohibit the selling of the tobacco products from health care institutions like the pharmacies. Charlie Baker, the Republican Gov. of Massachusetts, uttered that he last year supported the banning of the sale of the tobacco products including cigarettes.

He supported this move to prevent the people who are under 21 from purchasing any kind of tobacco products. The important fact is same legislation has already been effected in almost 150 towns and cities in Massachusetts on a local level. This list obviously includes Worcester, Lowell, and Boston.

On the national level, two Democratic Sens. in the U.S., Edward Markey, and Elizabeth Warren, also supported the similar legislation. That means Massachusetts is heading to take an essential step regarding the health care improvement. A few months ago the Genesee County in Michigan took initiative to hike the age for purchasing the tobacco products to 21, M Live reported. The major portion of the county Board of Commissioners voted to support the initiative.

Supporters said that this initiative could save many lives. Even it could play a significant role in preventing the early tobacco addiction. Difficulty in accessing the tobacco products would surely bring some positive impacts. So it is quite clear that many U.S. states like the Massachusetts are aiming to prevent the early age addiction.

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