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'Stolen Phone Checker:' New Online Tool For Identifying Stolen Phones

May 16, 2017 02:23 PM EDT


Phones are hot items these days. They are either illegally hot or sizzling trendy hot. A used phone salesman would present interested buyers an offer that is sometimes hard to refuse but leaves the buyer asking if the gadget is legal or not. There is now a way to check if the phone is stolen, meet the "Stolen Phone Checker."

A method to trace a cell phone's legitimacy is available on-line. Potential buyers can check if a phone is stolen or has accidentally bought one. Buying stolen goods is chargeable against the anti-fencing law. The CTIA, a non-profit organization, representing the wireless communication industry in the US, allows customers to check if the phone is safe to buy. The useful on-line tool is named as the "Stolen Phone Checker."

The "Stolen Phone Checker" is a free user-friendly on-line service. In order to avail of the services of this tool, get the IMEI, MEID, or ESN code. Every mobile gadget has a unique code and is listed on the "Stolen Phone Checker" database. Go over to the SPC's website and input the codes, tap the " I am not a robot" captcha then hit submit. A notification will inform the inquirer if the phone is safe to buy and legitimate.

The "Stolen Phone Checker" will confirm stolen phones if it is reported stolen. If there was no report of the robbed phone, the tool will declare it safe and legit. Deactivation of stolen phones will commence once it is reported stolen. It is advisable for the victim to report a stolen phone to the CTIA as soon as possible, reports Yahoo Tech.

US telecom conglomerates are continuously maintaining a database of stolen phones and share the information with other companies. There are several advantages when a stolen phone checker is visited for confirmation. One of the reasons is reported hot phones are banned from registering with these telecoms and turns out useless, a discouragement for thieves, reports The Verge.

More sites are available similar to the "Stolen Phone Checker." Big companies have their own checkers too. But this site seems to be the easiest method to look up if in doubt of a stolen phone that is worth buying.

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