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iOS 7 Jailbreak News: Best Tweaks to Try With Your Smartphone

Aug 01, 2014 05:21 AM EDT


Adding tweaks to your jailbroken device is what makes jailbreaking so much fun. You get extra features that Apple doesn't typically allow.

Here are some tweaks to try:

MiniPlayer: This is a music app that allows you to control your music from any screen. It will lay over your lock screen, your home screen and even inside apps that you're already using. It will display information about the song that is playing, allows for skipping tracks and a play and pause button as well. Even a mini cover art graphic will be displayed. You can move the MiniPlayer around on the screen to your liking and can always disable it if it ever gets in the way.

MiniPlayer is a $1.99 tweak and it's available from Cydia.

Colorize matches the album art of the song you are currently listening to and displys it in the "Now Playing" section of the default music app. It's a nice change to the boring single color of the default music app from Apple and it's especially cool when the album cover is very colorful.

Colorize is only $0.99 and it's available from Cydia.

Lyricalizer is an awesome app that gives you all the lyrics to the song that is currently being played in your music app. Start playing a song and then the lyrics will appear on top of the album art.

It's a free tweak and it's available from Cydia.

MusicGestures allows users to swipe their fingers and make certain gestures to perform operations in their music app. Users can choose from tapping, swiping, tapping and holding and more. With those gestures they'll be able to advance to the next track, pause the track, play the track and more.

MusicGestures is a free tweak and it's available from Cydia.

Have you tried any of these tweaks? Let us know in the comments section below.

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