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Yemen Cholera Outbreak Now In the State Of Emergency After It Kills 124 People In Just Two Weeks

May 16, 2017 02:54 PM EDT

Cholera Outbreak In Yemen
(Photo : PigMine 5/Youtube) Yemen is now declared in the state of emergency after a cholera outbreak caused death to more than a hundred people. What could happen in this poor country?

A cholera outbreak in Yemen now killed 124 people in just as short as two weeks. The outbreak has placed Yemen in a state of emergency.

Based on the data of the U.N. humanitarian coordinator, a cholera outbreak placed Yemen into an extreme health condition problem. CBS News reported 11,100 people were believed to have been infected by cholera in Yemen as per data gathered by Jamie McGoldrick.

Though the medicine already arrived, McGoldrick continues to encourage donors from other countries to reach the amount of more than $1 billion to aid the victims. Because of the huge needs and a numerous number of victims, the capital of Yemen Sana'a, have been declared under the state of emergency, LAD Bible reported.

The number of cholera cases had worsened in just two weeks and the health ministry was unable to contain the disaster. And even though Sana'a is controlled by Shiite rebels, an appeal to help the people has been sent out by several international humanitarian organizations. Even the rebel health minister, Hafid bin Salem Mohammed admitted that the scale of the cholera outbreak goes beyond their control.

On the data of the World Health Organization, only less than 45 percent of health facilities in the country are fully functioning. And there's only 70 percent if medicines for the cholera outbreak are about to give the best help.

Furthermore, Yemen's current situation in the war between the Saudi government and the Iranian Houthi rebels is very alarming for it had destroyed half of the country's health facilities. The war has killed more than 10,000 civilians since the year 2015.

Currently, on the 26 million population in the city, there are 17 million who are the lack of sufficient foods with three million malnourished children. The International Committee of the Red Cross or ICRC calculated that there are still 8,500 left untreated on the cholera outbreak in Yemen between April 27 and May 13.

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