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Apple To Release New MacBooks At WWDC 2017

May 18, 2017 03:16 PM EDT

Apple only recently released a newly refreshed lineup to their premium laptops, the MacBook Pro 2016 variants that feature USB Type-C Port/s on all of their new devices. Apple now plans to adapt to the industry standards with the help of the new port.

However, fresh reports from the internet predict Apple will also release a new lineup of MacBooks at their upcoming WWDC event in June this year. Desktops have been continuously neglected by the Cupertino giant since the desktop market is still mainly dominated by the Windows ecosystem.

According to details from ArsTechnica, Intel Kaby lake chips, the company's latest seventh generation desktop processors are on its way to Apple products. The report mentions that both 12-inch Macbook Pro and the regular Macbooks will be equipped with the new processors from Intel with a better-integrated graphics chip onboard. The regular MacBooks were last updated two years back.

Actual details from Bloomberg also hints about a completely new lineup of Mac products from Apple at the developer conference. A report from The Verge, there are no accurate details about the displays on the upcoming MacBooks this year. Earlier rumors have predicted that Apple has also considered the current generation of Ryzen processors from Intel's primary competitor, AMD. For a premium price of more than $2000, Apple was mainly criticized for implementing dual-core processors for their base variants.

Another major concern for all new MacBook owners is the fact that all of them would have to carry lots of adapters. In order to make use of all their other accessories on the new MacBook, adapters are necessary since the device only comes with a USB Type-C port even eliminating their proprietary mag-safe power adapters that Apple users previous enjoyed using. More details are expected from the company itself during the WWDC 2017 event that will take place from Jun. 05 concluding on Jun. 09.


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