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Apple iPhone Users More Likely To Upgrade to Newer Models in September

May 18, 2017 03:06 PM EDT

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(Photo : Peter Macdiarmid/Getty images) A report from the Business Insider reveals Apple users are more likely to upgrade to the latest iPhone smartphones when it's due for a release in September this year.

It's the topic of iPhone again since this is a never ending topic, at least until its product launch. While Apple has reported a decline in its smartphone sales in the recent months, one thing is surely not changing for the company. Current Apple users plan to stick to the same products for more years as per a report from the internet.

Apple users plan to upgrade to the latest iPhones this year as reported by Business Insider. A survey found out that, almost the vast majority of them plan to stick with Apple for their next smartphone purchase which is a good thing for the manufacturer. However, there are concerns whether the company will be able to cope up with the consumer demands. Previous reports have pointed out that there will be a shortage of supply of materials for the new iPhone. The phone is also rumored to support wireless charging capabilities.

Meanwhile, in the Android ecosystem, their closest competitor Samsung also manages to maintain a stronghold more than 77 percent of the market share. Apple's CEO Tim Cook seems to believe that the current decline in the iPhone sales is due to a largely anticipatory audience anxiously waiting for their new product launching in September. As reported by Pocket-lint, the new iPhone will feature an OLED Panel which is a major transition from an LCD display for all these years.

Key specifications like dual cameras on the back of the iPhone are also rumored while the front-facing display will be totally free from any button placements. It seems Apple wants to either move the touch ID sensor on the back or just embedded it internally into the display. Overall, it should be a very productive year from the Fortune 500 firm since they also plan to release their other new products like the MacBooks for example.

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