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New Study of Caldera In Toba Finds Its Magma System Expanded After Supereruption

May 19, 2017 02:05 AM EDT


Scientists have documented new findings in the aftermath of the eruption of Toba supervolcano thousands of years ago. The supervolcano showed to be expanding its magma system after the supereruption thousands of years ago.

Researchers from Oregon State University has found that the supervolcano expanded its magma system after the eruptions of Toba super volcano, around 70,000 years ago. According to the recent research report from the Oregon State University , the scientist found the connection between the recent eruption of Mount Sinabung, 25 miles away from Toba with the last eruptions of Toba super volcano.

“At Toba, it appears that the eruptions continued for at least 15,000 to 20,000 years after the supereruption," lead author of the research Adonara Mucek said about the last eruptions of Toba super volcano. "The structural adjustment continued at least until a few centuries ago, and probably is continuing today. It is the magmatic equivalent to aftershocks following an earthquake.”

The recent eruption of Mount Sinabung happened in May 2016. Mucek and his colleagues found that the eruption of the Mount Sinabung was part of the re-establishment of equilibrium of the magmatic system following the eruption of Toba supervolcano. The recovery after a supereruption is a very long process, which could happen for thousands of years.

Mucek has published the research of the latest aftermath from the eruption of Toba supervolcano in the Nature Communications. Toba is the remain of one of the few supervolcanoes on planet Earth, known as the biggest super volcano, its eruption thousands of years ago triggered a catastrophic event on the planet. Other sites of the well-known supervolcano are the Yellowstone Park in the United States, Taupo Caldera in New Zealand and Campi Flegrei in Italy.

The eruption of Toba supervolcano has sent the ashes as far as Africa and caused a global volcanic winter for almost 10 years. The caldera of Toba is now a big lake in Sumatra island. Watch the report from the latest findings regarding the aftermath of the eruption of Toba supervolcano below:

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