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All The Major Issues of Samsung Galaxy S8 That Require To Be Resolved In Galaxy S9 Are Here

May 19, 2017 04:57 PM EDT


Samsung Galaxy S8 has already witnessed a spectacular hype among smartphone buyers worldwide. Of course, the handset is a bezel-less masterpiece from the house of Samsung. But there are certain weaknesses as well, alongside its wealthy strengths.

Samsung is expected to refresh its stake with Galaxy S9 within the next couple of years. The smartphone giant is said to fill up all the cons which are yet reported to be annoying to some degree of usefulness. The first thing to start in this context is with its processing unit.

According to Forbes, it's true that Samsung has already boasted Qualcomm's latest and most improved Snapdragon 835 processor on Galaxy S8. Still, it acts slower than what was expected before in terms of quick evolving of multitasking and high-end operations. Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S9 is expected to hold better support for its utilities with top-end Snapdragon 845 chipset, which is yet to be launched.

Another thing that may look and feel to be pretty similar in terms of the smartphone's specs is its fingerprint sensor. ValueWalk pointed that Samsung Galaxy S8's fingerprint sensor is somewhat misplaced and looks a bit mushy. The sensor also activates a bit slower at times when the smartphone is running multiple operations. The third parameter, which may look to unsatisfying to buyers worldwide is its Bixby button.

The button is placed on the side panel and is expected to activate Samsung voice command based assistant. But till now the Bixby is only accessible to Samsung's base country, Korea and in other nations the button is currently of no use on Samsung Galaxy S8 handset.

Mobile technology has moved to rapid advancements with quick charging attributes too. Snapdragon 835 chipsets are even able to support Quick Charge 4.0. But Samsung Galaxy S8 seems to lack that feature as well. Hopefully, Samsung would equip better support in that context for its Galaxy S9 too.

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