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Scientists Have Gone A Step Further In Quantum Computer Discovery

May 21, 2017 05:15 PM EDT

Building a Quantum Community with IBM Q
(Photo : IBM Research/ You Tube) IBM Scientists Demonstrate Ballistic Nanowire Connections, A Potential Future Key Component for Quantum Computing.

Currently, scientists reinvent computers and surpass the limits of today's computer. Now, they are able to create "Quantum" computer which is almost equal to a human brain or more than that. Recently, IBM scientists have got an important milestone toward creating sophisticated quantum devices. It could become a key component of quantum computers.

For the first time, the scientists have shot an electron through an III-V semiconductor nanowire integrated on silicon. In "Quantum" computing, they are driving multiple horizons. According to them, novel quantum devices could push the scaling limit of today's microwave technology down to the nanometer scale. It's never relying on superconducting components but opening a path towards room-temperature operation, Phys.Org reported.

In addition, IBM scientist developed Template-Assisted-Selective-Epitaxy (TASE) technique to build ballistic cross-directional quantum communication links. This technique can coherently link multiple functional nanowires for the reliable transfer of "Quantum" information across nanowire networks. Actually, a nanowire is a perfect guide to transmit electrons (energy, momentum, spin) because it's a lossless medium.

Though scientists are still facing some major technical issues like size, shape, position and quality of III-V semiconductors integrated on Si, PR Newswire reported. However, ballistic one-dimensional "Quantum" transport has been demonstrated. Now scientists say nanowire devices may pave the way towards fault-tolerant, scalable electronic "Quantum" computing in near future.

IBM scientist and lead author Dr. Johannes Gooth noted that the milestone has implications for the development of quantum computing. When the fully ballistic connections enable then the particles are in flight at the nanoscale at the same time the "Quantum" system offers exponentially larger computational space.

In this year, IBM has already launched an industry-first initiative to build commercially available universal quantum computing systems. This new system is so-called IBM Q Quantum System. IBM Q system and services will be delivered via the IBM Cloud platform. The solution will also deliver to problems because the pattern cannot be seen by classical computers and the data does not exist. But the classic system has more chance to explore Answer.

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