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Microsoft’s New Surface Pro Devices Receive Significant Boost In Battery Life

May 25, 2017 01:56 AM EDT


Microsoft has introduced a new lineup of their iconic 'Surface Pro' devices at one of their private events in Shenzhen, China. As reported previously, the new products aren't necessarily their fifth generation of Surface Pro devices, but just a refresh of their existing Surface Pro 4 lineup. The newly released hardware shall be available for the public to purchase on June 15 for a starting price of $799.

Microsoft part of their new product launch for the Surface Pro devices has dropped the numbering scheme. Panos Panay, the current Vice President who also heads the company's Microsoft Surface lineup of premium devices had assured that Microsoft did not have any immediate plans about bringing out the 'Surface Pro 5' due to excellent sales of their existing products. In an interview with The Verge, he explained why their new products were a "meaningful change" due to 800 customized parts being part of the new hardware.

The Hybrid device that acts both like a tablet and a laptop will now be simply called as the Surface Pro without any numeral inclusions. That said, the new Surface products come with different hardware configuration on board, with different prices. Most notably, the hybrids have a significant boost in their battery life resulting in an additional four hours of operational time peaking at 13.5 hours.

Meanwhile, the BBC in their report explained as to why Surface Products are essential to Microsoft in order to stay competitive in the markets for a longer time. The build quality and latest hardware part of the Surface devices are perfect for Microsoft to market their new Windows 10 operating system.

The new Surface Pro devices are offered with onboard LTE connectivity. While the majority of changes are mostly onboard, there's also some subtle changes in the way they look from the outside. The company is also selling their Surface pen and smart keyboard for an additional price, both of which can work with their newly released products.

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