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Humans First Evolve In Europe Not In Africa, Fossils Prove

May 25, 2017 05:09 AM EDT


On Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution, he mentioned that humans first evolved in Africa. Now, recent research claims that human first evolves in Europe and not in Africa.

On Charles Darwin's theory, Africa is where the closest relatives of primates like gorillas and chimpanzees live, that's why he believed that human had first evolved in Africa. Now, the belief that chimpanzees are the closest relative of human asks for further explanation, Phys.org reported.

According to History, lately, two fossils were found in Bulgaria and in Greece which brings forward a new conclusion on the issue of where the first human had evolved. The fossils of a jawbone and teeth which are believed to have lived 7.2 million years ago were found out as a hominin and not an ape. Hominin is said to be the real human ancestor, so, if this will be found out to be true, the current theory of human evolution of Charles Darwin could be changed.

Besides, the discovery would contradict the theory that human had first evolved in Africa and would suggest Europe as the spot. Meanwhile, the theory of evolution said that human had split from apes seven million years ago. And in about two million years, the early humans or hominins are said to have lived in Africa before they have migrated to Asia and Europe.

Consequently, scientists from the University of Tubingen, Germany, and the University of Toronto, Canada believes that the story goes the other way around. They said that the first human had evolved in Europe and not in Africa 200,000 years earlier that what had been believed. Besides, the scientists strongly believe that the discovery of the two fossils in Bulgaria and Greece could be their proof.

The lower jaw or mandible fossil of the said first human evolution was found in Greece in the year 1944. While the upper premolar tooth was found in 2009 in Bulgaria. Both fossils are said to belong from an ape-like creature from the Mediterranean. If this is true, then history would be changed claiming that the first human had evolved in Europe and not in Africa that was previously believed.

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