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Tornado Disaster Impact Could Triple By The End Of The Century: Current Study Reveals The Fact

May 25, 2017 05:34 AM EDT

A tornado is seen South of Dodge City, Kansas moving North on May 24, 2016 in Dodge City, Kansas
(Photo : Brian Davidson/Getty Images) A tornado is seen South of Dodge City, Kansas moving North on May 24, 2016 in Dodge City, Kansas. About 30 tornadoes were reported on Tuesday in five different states from Michigan to Texas. Damage to homes and property was also reported in Ford County, Kansas.

A new research study unveils that the annual tornado impact and disaster could triple by the end of the 21st century. This weather phenomenon is responsible for huge negative impacts.

The United States experiences a good number of tornadoes every year and faces huge negative impacts due to these violent storms. The country faces billions of dollars of damage each year, reported. Even the impacts of this weather phenomenon include disruption of normal life, severe injuries, and deaths.

A tornado is unpredictable and one of those weather phenomena that brings severe negative impacts. But, current study results have pointed out that the annual impact of this violent storm will increase by the end of this century. The research team led by the meteorologist Stephen Strader has assessed that the annual disaster could triple by the end of this century.

Several reasons exist behind the increasing trend of the tornado impact. No doubt climate change is one of the essential exacerbating risk factors, but there are some additional factors also. The increasing number of developed lands, structures, and homes in the tornado-prone areas enhance the amount of disaster.

The research study has projected the increment of the said violent storm frequency in the 21st century, but the urban sprawl can't be ignored. The building of the man-made structures rapidly in the potential region of the future tornadoes must escalate the disaster consequences. These structures are more vulnerable than the future changes in the climatological risk. Popular journal Climatic Change reported the fact clearly.

Several metropolitan areas like Chicago, Atlanta, St. Louis, and Dallas are located in the high-risk regions of the tornado. That means these areas have greater chances to face the severe disaster probability. In a word, the unpredictable weather phenomena can lead to acute negative consequences.

Stephen Strader said that tornado disaster is the product of the physical environment and society. Now it is obvious that the research study examines the effects of future climate and the societal changes of the disaster frequency and the magnitude. That means the study highlights the actual importance of analyzing the effects.

Several proactive measures are already designed and recommended in order to combat the tornado disasters. These proactive measures include several major steps like the creation of safe rooms or the storm shelters, improving the communication and the warning dissemination system. Even new zoning policies should be taken into consideration to look after the hazard risk produced by the violent storm.

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