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Broken Immune Cells Causes Baldness, May Lead To Hair Loss Treatment

May 28, 2017 11:23 AM EDT

Broken Immune Cells Found Out To Be The Cause of Baldness
(Photo : Article-TUBE2/Youtube) An accidental discovery of the broken Tregs or immune cells is found out to be the cause of baldness. Likewise, the discovery is expected to lead to the treatment of the same disease.

A new study was found out how broken immune cells are directly causing baldness. However, the discovery of the hair loss cause is also believed to lead to its treatment.

WebMD reported a new discovery on the cause of baldness. Researchers were able to find out the role of broken immune cells in hair loss. What made the discovery successful is through an experiment conducted with mice where researchers found the "Tregs" or the regulatory T-Cells.

Fortunately, the discovery of the broken immune cells as the cause of baldness is expected to help in finding the treatment for hair loss, according to Independent. Through an accidental discovery, researchers have also found a breakthrough in medicine to help treat hair loss.

Researchers found out that the present Tregs is the most important in hair regeneration. So if these immune cells had been broken, hair follicles find it hard to regenerate, according to the statement provided by the team from the University of California, San Francisco.

Senior Author Dr. Michael Rosenblum said, "Human hair follicles are just constantly recycling, so when hair falls out, the whole hair follicles should grow back. This explains the extreme dependence of the hair growth in the immune cells. So, when Tregs got broken, the hair won't grow."

The team of researchers believes that if the Tregs or immune cells had been broken, diseases like alopecia areata an immune disease will find the opportunity to trigger causing hair to fall. Their conclusion was based on the observation on the experiment conducted on the mice when the Tregs was removed from the shaved mice.

Thus, this means that the immune cells (Tregs) are also the responsible in the healing process on the damage of the skin. Now, researchers are using the discovery to finding a treatment for hair loss.

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