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Scientists Are Amazed About The Shocking Discovery Of The Huge Ladybug: Findings Could Revolutionize The Technology

May 29, 2017 01:54 AM EDT

First-Ever Look at the Intricate Way Ladybugs Fold Their Wings
(Photo : National Geographic / YouTube) The ladybug technique of folding their wings in a small wing cases amazes scientists and they believed that it will be useful on the current technology.

Just like any other animal, a ladybug is an ordinary species of creature in the animal kingdom. But now, it caught the attention of the science world due to its unique movement and structure. Scientists have made one shocking discovery about it that allegedly could revolutionize the present technology.

Ladybug also known as Coccinellidae is an insect from the family of small beetles commonly known for their yellow, orange or red color with a black spot on their wing cover. Many considered them as a useful insect as they ate other insects such as aphids or scale insects, who are agricultural pests. Now, scientists have made a major breakthrough discovery about the insect and could help modernize the technology.

According to BABW News, scientists from Japan have made astounding findings on a huge ladybug that stunned them. The discovery could give a huge new innovation in the science world and can revolutionize the new age technology most especially on air travel. A massive modification on the industry of aerospace might be the next breakthrough today.

Scientists revealed that they studied a huge ladybug using CT scanners and advanced cameras and work out to examine how it folds its wings through its small body in a very efficient way. Researchers also use an artificial wing cases for the ladybug in order to observe how the insect's wing fold and move inch by inch that they will use to map out a mechanism.

Mail Online further added that scientists discovered that the ladybugs have a curved 'crease line' shapes hidden in their wings to help support the wings and make it bendable. The movement in the abdomen of the insect resembles to an origami-like crease pattern that plays a vital function in the folding process. The study uncovers the mystery behind the folding motion of wings that could be very beneficial to technology.

Scientists now believed that the complex folding method could be useful in the research mainly in areas of robotics, mechanics, aerospace and engineering. The procedure could be utilized for making structures like satellite antennas and spacecraft up to the smallest things like umbrellas and fans.

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