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Futuremark's PCMark 10 To Make Its Debut in Computex 2017: Publicly Launching In June This Year

May 29, 2017 04:08 AM EDT


Futuremark has long been known making up benchmarking utility for home computers. The company just announced the tenth edition of its highly admired PCMark software. PCMark 10 would boast some of the most ethnic and never before seen features. Although the full version is still days away to see its debut, the Finnish company has already revealed the primary preview of PCMark 10.

According to Digital Trends, PCMark 10 is a bit different from what it was earlier thought in concept. Though the utility works unlike a usual software dedicated for benchmarking of 3D and gaming contents. But the latest edition contains features for handling graphics cards as well. The newest PCMark holds attributes for easing the deeds of office utility based Softwares alongside potential measures ensuring flawless media viewing as well as creative and independent applications as well. Experts and trustworthy sources jointly claim that PCMark 10 comes with the combination of perfect remedies for multitasking and high-level operations on home PCs.

Tom's Hardware pointed that PCMark 10 would follow an innovative mechanism of optimizing the performance level of computers, based on their activities and operative capabilities for various real-time application Thus, by generating results in terms of quick utility, PCMark 10 would also utilize space accumulation for all certain operations. PCMark 10 would mark its official debut at this year's Computex event which is scheduled to held on May 30, 2017, to June 3, 2017.

The Professional Edition of PCMark 10 would be launched for users on June 5, 2017. Techies and creative folks, who are looking forward to taking the advantage of the advanced version of the software, would be able to get that from June 22, 2017. Futuremark also declared that the basic edition of PCMark 10 would be available for free beginning from the same day. PCMark 10 is also hinted to receive a major update by the later part of this year only.

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