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Quit Smoking Using These Smartphone Apps

May 29, 2017 11:26 AM EDT

Quit Smoking Apps help people quit Smoking
(Photo : Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images) Health campaigners have asked for a levy on the tobacco industry to help fund anti-smoking measures

Smoking causes a large number of deaths every year. Smokers suffer from so many diseases and ailments such as lung cancer, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), kinds of heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, asthma or even other types of cancer. Persons struggling hard to quit smoking can face withdrawal symptoms and other types of struggles with health which can make it hard for them to quit smoking.

According to Health Line, there are some apps for Android as well as iOS users, which can help them in quit smoking very fast. These apps will act as a helpful support in tracking their process of quitting the habit of smoking. Let's have a look.

LiveStrong My Quit Coach - This is a personalized quit smoking coach program which can be customized as per user's requirements. Users can either quit cold turkey or just cut down their nicotine intake each day. This app is approved by doctors. Users can track their smoking consumptions or nicotine cravings. The app also has a built-in social support circle.

My Last Cigarette, Stop Smoking Stay Quit - This quit smoking app is available for the users at a one-time cost of $0.99, but it can be worth it. The app has gained popularity very much as it provided daily motivational messages, which can help the users to inspire to quit smoking. Medical facts about smoking, benefits of quitting smoking are provided to the users through this app.

Quit Smoking: Cessation Nation - Digital Citizen reports that this app can be helpful in tracking how much the user has saved money and time in the period of not smoking cigarettes. This app is helpful in bringing a community to strive towards the same goal - quit smoking.

Craving to Quit - This quit smoking app is a 21-day program for ideally reaching to zero cigarettes on the last day of the program. The app has a free three-day trial and the full program cost is $25 a month. The app also has a smoking consumption tracker.

These quit smoking apps are available for both the iOS users as well as Android users. Many of these quit smoking apps help the users in connecting them to the experts or other past users, who have already quit smoking through the apps and their own ways.

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