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OnePlus Offers A New Referral Program Ahead of OnePlus 5 Launching

May 30, 2017 11:58 AM EDT


OnePlus offers a new program for its customers ahead of the launching of its new flagship phone, OnePlus 5. The OnePlus referral program includes a $20 discount on accessories.

Ahead of the launching of OnePlus 5, which is expected to be in the early June, the Chinese manufacturer offers an interesting program for its customers. The OnePlus referral program, as reported by Phone Arena, gives its customer a $20 discount on the phone accessories.

The OnePlus referral program is available to the existing customers of OnePlus, who have purchased one of the OnePlus smartphones. The customers are entitled to have a referral link, which he/she can share the link to their social media. Once his/her friend purchases a OnePlus smartphone through that referral link, that friend will also receive a $20 discount, which is applied to accessories and merchandise.

It seems the Chinese smartphone manufacturer expects the new OnePlus referral program will be able to boost the sales. Moreover, its new flagship OnePlus 5 is offered with a heavy enhancement on camera. OnePlus is collaborating with the photography expert company, DxO Labs to greatly improve its camera.

According to Tech Radar, OnePlus has released two images to compare the OnePlus 5 camera and other phone's camera. The image showcases the low-light capability of the OnePlus 5 camera, as the image taken by OnePlus 5 camera show a greater image detail, sharper lines and better control of the lights. The company expects the teaser and the OnePlus referral program is to increase the sales of OnePlus 5 because it is rumored the new phone will be priced at premium one.

Moreover, OnePlus 5 is also rumored to aim the high-end market share and compete with the current market leader, the LG G6, HTC U11 and Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. The OnePlus referral program is a key factor to enable the company to continue its good sales record from the previous version. Watch the report on the OnePlus 5 below:

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