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Intel Compute Card Specs, Price: Credit Card-Sized PC Packs Apollo Lake & Kaby Lake Processor Options, Shipping Starts In August

May 31, 2017 02:55 AM EDT


Intel aims to enter the world of modular computing with its announcement of its Intel Compute Card. The compute card revealed last Computex 2017 was reported to be the ultimate Windows PC experience packed in a card.

According to Digital Trends, the Intel Compute Card works as something electronic device users could use of they want to power up or upgrade their PC’s processor more. The device is said to usher the "new era of computing." Adding advanced features to a person’s devices through the Compute Card is also said to be possible.

With that said, it was identified that the compute card is slightly bigger than a credit card with dimensions of 3.7 inches x 2.2 inches x 0.2 inches. It was also announced that the Intel Compute Card will have four different models. The first two will feature Apollo Lake Processors while the remaining two is said to be based on the Kaby Lake processors.

The Intel Compute Card models offer processors ranging from the sixth-generation Celeron N3450 and Pentium N4200 as well. It was also shared that the Apollo Lake models are slated to have 64GB of eMMC flash storage while the Kaby Lake models will have 28GB of PCIExpress SSD storage. All the models were also said to only consume no more than 4.5 watts of power as reported by WCCF Tech.

Furthermore, all Intel Compute Card models will pack 4GB RAM. Intel has also been working on a dock which the Intel Compute Card could be plugged into. The dock is mentioned to feature Ethernet, USB 3.0, and HDMI/DisplayPort connections. However, prices aren’t still announced but shipping is said to start August this year with all four models available. Rumored prices are said to range from $150 up to $500.

Nonetheless, Intel also foresees that other appliances would take use of the card like smart kiosks, interactive refrigerators, security cameras and smart TVs. The company is said to already have succeeded in listing company partners in using the card like Contec, Dell, ECS, Foxconn, HP, Lenovo, LG Display, MoBits Electronics and NexDock. Other companies include Sharp, Seneca, SMART Technologies, Suzhou Lehui Display and TabletKiosk.

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