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Understanding Predators Tactic To Catch Prey Will Improve Drones Maneuver To Neutralize Urban Terrorist Attack

May 31, 2017 02:40 AM EDT

Lion is one of the predators that deploy tactic to catch faster prey.
(Photo : Chris Ratcliffe/Getty Images) Lion is one of the predators that deploy tactic to catch faster prey.

Scientists analyzed how a group tactic of predator enable them to catch faster prey and developing an algorithm model based on the predator tactic analysis. This algorithm will help drones to improve their maneuver to neutralize the terrorist attack in the urban area.

The physicists from the Eötvös University in Budapest, Hungary have studied the behavior of the predators to develop a tactic to catch the faster prey. Based on the predators tactic analysis, the scientists have developed an algorithm model to describe the collection of the tactics.

They have published their finding in the vol. 19 of New Journal of Physics. on May 19. The lead author of the paper that explore the predators tactic analysis is Milán Janosov, a researcher from the MTA-ELTE Statistical and Biological Physics Research Group at the Eötvös University. The co-authors of the paper that titled "Group Chasing Tactics: How To Catch a Faster Prey" are Csaba Virágh, Gábor Vásárhelyi and Tamás Vicsek.

In an interview with Phys.Org, Janosoc explained his research on the predators tactic analysis is useful to develop a method for tactical drones to neutralize the terrorist attack in the urban area. They analyzed that a group of three predators is an optimal group to catch a faster prey in the two dimensions chase. When the chase becomes more challenging, a group of five increase the optimal level of the chase.

"There are plenty of potential applications we could propose," Janosoc said regarding the implementation of the predators tactic analysis. "For example, a group of tactical drones using smart encircling strategies could become even lifesaving in the case of terrorist attacks."

There are many other implementations of the predators tactic analysis and its algorithm, including to catch criminal or to develop a game for video game developers. Watch the animal predators deploy their hunting tactics below:

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