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30 Years Of Debate For A Mysterious New Phase of Matter Ended By A 30-Page Calculations

May 31, 2017 06:04 PM EDT

New Phase of Matter Debate Has Ended
(Photo : Chacha Cakes/Youtube) New Phase of Matter Debate Has Ended

The 30 years of battle for a mysterious new phase of matter is ended by some mathematical wizardry. The nature of glass mystery is now ended by an around 30 pages of calculations on algebraic expressions.

Science Daily reported that the 30 years of debate over the mystery of the nature of glass on a new phase of matter has now ended. Before, calculations cannot find a fixed point in three dimensions of the glass. But then, this year, a scientist was able to find the fixed point to show a new phase transition of glasses at low temperatures.

According to Phys, physicists have developed some theories that would capture all sorts of crystal properties. But, the glass has different properties of disordered materials that make the developed theories incapable of explaining its physical behavior. And for the last 30 years, physicists have been battling over the mysterious transition from the new phase of matter.

Fortunately, with the help of some mathematical wizardry from particle physics along with an almost 30 handwritten pages of algebraic calculations, the debate has been settled. Sho Yaida from the Duke University had been the key to settling the battle on the new phase of matter.

Yaida was able to confine the possibility that there are some types of glass which exist in a new phase of matter controlled at low temperatures. This influence the capability of the glass to sound and stress, respond to heat as well as how the glass will perform when they break.

On a statement of Patrick Charbonneau, an Associate Professor of Chemistry at Duke as well as Yaida's advisor he said that "The transition has been already found but it's not a concrete evidence because part of the community said it could not exist. However, Yaida shows that it can exist."

Consequently, Charbonneau leaves an open-ended question on the new phase of matter that was settled after 30 years of debate. "The question is whether this model has any relevance to the real world, Charbonneau said.

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