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Samsung Notebook 9 Pro Specs, Price: Convertible Laptop With Embedded S Pen Poised To Rival Surface Pro

Jun 02, 2017 03:27 PM EDT

The Samsung Notebook 9 Pro has two different variants, which are the 13.3 inch and the 15-inch models.
(Photo : Technology/Youtube) The 360 degree convertible screen of the Samsung Notebook 9 Pro allows users to use it as a notebook or tablet.

After launching the Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung has recently unveiled its latest device in 2017. The South Korean company has revealed its Samsung Notebook 9 Pro, which is the company’s first to integrate its renowned mobile S pen into a 360-degree convertible laptop.

According to CNET, the Samsung Notebook 9 Pro offers two different variants, which are 13.3-inch and 15-inch models with Full HD display. The key feature of Samsung’s new device is said to be its 360-degree touchscreen (1,920x1080) that allows it to be used as a notebook or a tablet. The laptop is also said to be equipped with Real View Display for better viewing experience

With that said, the Samsung Notebook 9 Pro’s 1080p touchscreen was also said to disappoint some Samsung enthusiasts since they expect it to sport a 4K screen resolution. It is also identified to feature Windows 10 Home OS. Another key feature of the device is it’s built in S-pen which is seen to be the first time the company integrated it into a laptop.

Speaking of S Pen, Samsung Note users would also recognize the Air Command featured by the Samsung Notebook 9 Pro in order to allow users to utilize the laptop’s 360-degree screen. The Windows OS then allows the S-Pen to be compatible with the Windows Ink Workplace platform. The built-in S pen with a 0.7mm tip is also identified to have 4,000 pressures levels.

Regarding the inner specs of the Samsung Notebook 9 Pro, both the 13.3-inch and 15-inch models were described to run on the latest 7th generation Intel Core i7 Processors. The device’s 13.3-inch model is stated to have a powerful 8GB DDR4 RAM while the 15-inch model offers 16GB DDR4 RAM. Both is said to have a 256GB SSD available storage as Windows Report reported.

Aside from that, the 15-inch variant of the Samsung Notebook 9 Pro is packed with AMD Radeon 540 GPU. The devices also display built in 720p cameras and offer fast charging USB Type-C ports. Other features of the laptop were mentioned to be Bluetooth 4.1, Internal Dual Array Digital Music mic, 1.5 W x 2 Stereo Speakers, Samsung Recovery, Samsung SideSync, and Wi-Fi camera.

However, pricing, release date and availability of both the models of the Samsung Notebook 9 Pro aren’t still announced. Of course, rumors point out that the 15-inch model with dedicated Radeon GPU is more expensive.

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