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Dutch Households Do Not Spend Penny With "Smart Shower" Powered By Heat-Servers

Jun 03, 2017 08:59 AM EDT

Smart Shower Powered by Heat Servers
(Photo : Android Police /Youtube) Smart Shower Powered by Heat Servers

Dutch households can now enjoy the smart shower which uses a heat-server innovative heating system. The smart shower is free getting warmed up through the heat of computer servers from a Dutch company.

According to their own site, Nerdalize is the first Dutch company that just took the first step in their goal to provide the free smart shower for every family in the Netherlands through the use of heat server. The smart shower is an innovative heating system which uses the residual heat from the computer servers.

So, instead of cooling away from the residual heat and result to high energy use, the smart shower would use the residual heat instead of in a more useful way. The Verge reported that Nerdalize had used a bit different approach on the smart shower. So, the excess energy from heat servers won't be dissipated anymore but a harness and applied using the smart shower for home.

The idea will help people save an amount of around 300 Euros each year as well as reduce carbon dioxide emissions all the way. At a reasonable price, Nerdalize will install a server in the home to heats up the house for free, then Nerdalize would sell the server space to other interested companies. At the moment, the company has more than 200 people and households who invested for the smart shower.

To recall, two years ago, the company had introduced its first product and run a test with Eneco, that is a large Dutch utility. During that time, Nerdalize only has its standalone water heater that is powered by a single server amongst five households. However, the heaters were found to be slow warming, weak and can only support a single room.

But now, through the prolonged effort and work of the company, Nerdalize was able to make its second heater, the smart shower powered by heat servers. For the company, the smart shower installation in every home which can save 300 Euros annually is a win-win-win scenario. Likewise, it will also reduce production of carbon dioxides for up to three tons.

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