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Corpse Flowers Bloom In The Chicago Botanic Garden And Create Enthusiasm Among The People

Jun 04, 2017 01:39 PM EDT

The Titan Arum (Amorphophallus titanum), also known as the Corpse Flower, on display at the Tropical Centre in the Royal Botanical Gardens in Sydney, Australia
(Photo : Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) The Titan Arum (Amorphophallus titanum), also known as the Corpse Flower, on display at the Tropical Centre in the Royal Botanical Gardens in Sydney, Australia. The Titan Arum has the largest - and possibly the smelliest - flower in the world. The Botanic Gardens Trust is collaborating with the Indonesian Botanic Gardens to cultivate the species which is endangered in its natural habitat.

Excitements reach a new level when two rare giant corpse flowers bloom in the Chicago Botanic Garden. This is an extraordinary event that surprises all.

The corpse flower is one of the rarest and also the biggest flower in the world. But, the amazing thing is to see two such flowers bloom at once. It is truly a rare event to get the glimpse of these flowers.

Currently, the Chicago Botanic Garden contains two corpse flowers and this incident creates a huge enthusiasm among the people. Both the seven-foot-tall flowers have the smell of the rotting flesh, according to The interesting fact is the flowers emit this rotten aroma in order to attract beetles and flies for pollination.

A huge number of visitors are now attending the Chicago Botanic Garden every week to get a glimpse of the corpse flowers. The official name of this rare flower is titan arum. These flowers naturally bloom in Sumatra, an Indonesian island, but at present, they are threatened due to the rapid deforestation. Many botanic gardens throughout the world are taking precautions to preserve them.

These botanic gardens are cultivating the rare corpse flower to preserve them. It takes almost 10 years for a single plant to flower and the chief scientist at the Chicago Botanic Garden, Greg Mueller, reveals one surprising thing. Mueller says that it is a very rare incident to see the twin corpse flowers bloom simultaneously.

The botanic garden has found that so far only a few such incidents happened in the world. The garden also noticed that no such incident previously occurred in the North America. The name of the first one of the twin corpse flowers is Java and the second one is Sumatra. Java began to bloom on Tuesday night whereas Sumatra began to bloom in the early morning on Thursday, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The senior scientist of the botanic garden, Pati Vitt, reveals that the twin corpse flowers didn't have the same smell. It is obvious that both flowers had the worst odor. The Chicago Botanic Garden will display the flowers until June 8. It is expected that the plants will attract many enthusiasts to come and observe these plant species.

Meanwhile, Pati Vitt collected the pollen twice from Java to send them to different botanic gardens. A huge number of visitors that include school children and also the senior citizens have already attended the garden to see the plants. The corpse flowers have increased their enthusiasm.


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