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Statins: A New Hope For Breast Cancer, The 3P Pills Can Reduce Risk Of Dying By 40%

Jun 05, 2017 06:28 AM EDT

Statins Found To Reduce The Risk of Death For Up To 40%
(Photo : Nucleus Medical Media/Youtube ) Statins Found To Reduce The Risk of Death For Up To 40%

Breast cancer sufferers have found a new hope to help them prevent death from the disease. The benefits of Statins are found to prolong life and prevent the death of breast cancer patients.

Independent reported that Statins could help breast cancer patients to eliminate or reduce the risk of dying from the disease by almost 40 percent. Typically, Statins is a medicine which can lower the cholesterol of people who are suffering from heart disease and is taken by six million people every day in the United Kingdom.

Now, the benefits of Statins is not only for people with heart disease but also for breast cancer patients. Furthermore, according to Mail Online, researchers believe that the 3p pills can be the future cure for breast cancer until the findings will be revealed at the world's largest cancer conference next week.

To test the medicinal value of Statins in breast cancer, around 197, 048 women who suffer from the disease was set for an examination. The results have shown that Statins help reduced the risk of death from breast cancer by 27 percent, while the death by 28 percent.

It was also found that Statins has the strongest effect on women who suffers from breast cancer in less than four years. It was also the same group of women who suffers from the disease who cut the death risk up to 38 percent.

Unfortunately, for women who got severe effects of breast cancer and suffers for more than four years and above, Statins has seen with no significant effect on death. The findings show that Statins could delay death for breast cancer patients or either help them prevent death from the types of breast cancer that kill women at an early stage of the disease.

Recently, the effect of Lipophilic Statins was found to have a strong protective effective effect to breast cancer patients than with the Hydrophilic Statins, based on the research of scientists from the National Cancer Center in Beijing. Of all the researchers for the effects of Statins in breast cancer, Professor Arnie Purushotham, Senior Clinical Adviser of Cancer Research UK said that further studies are needed to understand more about the role of Statins in breast cancer.

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