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Climate Science Obstacles: Students Disagree With Teachers Promoting False Climate Change Data

Jun 05, 2017 11:32 AM EDT

Climate Science is best depicted in the beauty of the Death Valley National Park, California.
(Photo : Photo by David McNew/Getty Images) U.S. middle school teachers are having problems with students head banging them with the subject on Climate Science.

Teachers in Middle Schools in the United States approach the subject Climate Science in ways that the students find it hard to accept. High school mentors, in a study, present the topic of Climate Science independently from Science itself.

In a study from the North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina, researchers Kathryn T. Stevenson, M. Nils Peterson, and Amy Bradshaw states that the teachers imparting the topics on climate science depict the opinions of the general public and not the science that it is supposed to teach. The study starts with a survey of middle school science teachers and students from North Carolina. The survey showed that almost all (92.1 percent) of the science mentors and their students believe that climate change is in effect and 12 percent believe that climate change is anthropogenic. The students believe that causes of climate change are man made in nature and as long as the topics of Climate Science are continuously presented in classrooms, the more students deduce that it is anthropogenic, reports Public Library of Science (PLOS).

A case of Climate Science obstacles in Wellston High School in Ohio is in progress with Gwen Beatty slamming heads with her professor James Sutter. Gwen does not fully agree with what Sutter is lecturing in his class and eventually boils down to an argument where both will not come to an agreement.

The professor would make a stand that global warming is a result of greenhouse gasses released by fossil fuel combustion trapped in the earth's atmosphere, referring to a coal mine where Gwen's father previously had a job. The student rebuts this by stating that climate change could come from other natural causes. A professor at Yale University studying Political Polarization, Dan Kahan, stresses that people believing in global warming do not prove what they know, it shows who they are," reports New York Times.

President Donald Trump's seals the debate among climate change obstacles and the protagonists of the issue when he withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement. By stating the facts and scientific studies of the American Government, he stressed out the disadvantages of Americans' entanglement once he concurs to the Paris Accord. He also showed the risk calculations of the agreement and is convinced that it is not in the favor of Americans. The NPR is all rebuttal in his statements but it seems that that is all they can do.

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