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Plants Have Incredible 'Brains' That Are Actually cells

Jun 06, 2017 01:36 PM EDT

Plants Have Brains That Are Actually A Group Of Cells
(Photo : DocumFeed/Youtube) Scientits have proved that just like humans and animals, even plants have brains. A recent study shows that a group of cells act as the brains of plants responsible for decision-making during germination.

Recent research found out that plants have cells that act as its brains. It has enormously functioned especially in the decision-making for germination.

Scientists have found out that not only humans and animals that have brains, but also plants. Mail Online reported that plants have incredible brains than people used to know before. Its brains are actually the decision-maker which decides when is the right moment to germinate.

According to Science Daily, the new study revealed a group of cells are behind the said brains of plants. One of its most important function is to choose when is the right time to germinate including the proper weather conditions.

In a study published by scientists in the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) from the University of Birmingham, the facts are presented to support the theory. Thus, it has been proved that the small group of cells located in the plant's embryo operates in the same way as the human brain particularly in the decision-making process.

If the weather has been predicted by the brains of plants, it abruptly changes its behavior accordingly. More so, just like animals, the plant's brains have the capability to learn from its bad experiences and hunt out for water if necessary.

The said decision-making center that acts as the brains of plants is called the Arabidopsis or the thale cress. The Arabidopsis has two types of cells- one is concerned with germination, while the other one promotes seed dormancy. Both the groups directly communicate with each other through moving hormones.

Its method of communication is a similar mechanism in the human brain in the decision-making process that is related to the motor skills. To further explain the theory, scientists used a mutant plant that is more chemically linked to show the functions of the plant's brain on the seed germination process. Lead Author of the study, Professor George Bassel from the School of Biosciences at the University of Birmingham said that their work reveals the crucial components of the said brains of plants.

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