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Tuna Steaks Recalled Due To The Hepatitis A Virus Contamination

Jun 07, 2017 07:47 AM EDT

A bowl of Negitoro, containing minced raw tuna over rice from a convenience store or 'konbini' is pictured on September 11, 2015 in Tokyo, Japan
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The Popular Hilo Fish Company has recalled frozen tuna steaks from three U.S. states. Recent test results indicated probable contamination of the products with the hepatitis A virus.

A few weeks ago the Hilo Fish Company in Hawaii distributed frozen tuna steaks to some restaurants in Texas, Oklahoma, and California. But, recent testing showed the probable contamination of the said tuna products with the hepatitis A virus. After these positive tests, the said fish company has recalled the tuna products.

The hepatitis A virus infects the liver and can cause some symptoms like nausea, fever, abdominal pain, jaundice and dark urine. Though, most of the people who became the victim of hepatitis A, completely recover from this illness. The Food and Drug Administration has released the list of restaurants in Texas, Oklahoma, and California that previously received the recalled tuna steaks. Some of the restaurants may also have served these products to customers.

The FDA asked the people who have already consumed the recalled tuna products to contact the healthcare provider, Live Science stated. Though, so far not a single known case of illness has been surfaced. The CDC said that customers who already consumed the undercooked or raw tuna steaks in the last two weeks should take the important post-exposure vaccine.

Generally, hepatitis A vaccine is recommended for the people who is under the age limit of 40. But, persons above this age limit are usually recommended the specific immunoglobulin vaccine against the hepatitis A virus. The FDA uttered that vaccinated people don't need it. The agency stated that people who consumed the fully cooked tuna steaks must have the lower risks, though they are asked to consult a doctor.

The USA Today reported that the recalled tuna products included tuna steaks and the Frozen Yellowfin tuna. The tuna steaks weighed 8-ounce and had the expiry date of October 1, 2018. The Frozen Yellowfin tuna weighed 15-pounds and had the expiry date of April 1, 2019. Both the products were individually packed.

The tuna steaks were recalled on May 18, 2017, by the Hilo Fish Company. The fish company sourced these recalled products from the Santa Cruz Seafood Inc. in the Philippines and the Sustainable Seafood Company in Vietnam. Some restaurants in New York also received the shipments of these tuna products. But, the FDA and the New York State Department of Health have confirmed that the restaurants have not sold the recalled tuna products to consumers.

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