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BlackBerry KEYone Brings Back Its Standard QWERTY Keyboard; Incipio To Introduce New Case For It

Jun 07, 2017 03:13 PM EDT


BlackBerry KEYone is one newest and exciting handset in the market today. Instead of copying the current trend of smartphone set-up of the touchscreen, the BlackBerry company bring back its standard QWERTY keyboard. Aside from that, Incipio also made a special case for the said handset to give it a more elegant and stylish design.

BlackBerry or BlackBerry Limited is a multinational company based in Ontario, Canada that focuses on producing enterprise software and other internet-related services. From developing different smartphone and tablets, it shifted to a software and service company. But despite the change, it continues to build on making smartphone and last April it launched the BlackBerry KEYone handset.

BlackBerry KEYone is still boasted with remarkable specs and features base on the details released. It features a 4.5-inch IPS LCD display with 1080 x 1620 pixel resolution and runs a 2.0 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 octa-core processor and Android 7.1 Nougat software. It is also packed with a 3GB of RAM and 32GB internal storage with a microSD extension of up to 256GB.

But, what amazing about the BlackBerry KEYone is it still offers the standard keyboard it previously has. According to GSMArena, BlackBerry brings back the original QWERTY keyboard for the KEYone handset that has been a trademark for the company throughout the years. As some smartphone maker has relied on the touchscreen keyboard technology, the company return to its original keyboard arrangement.

The square grid of the BlackBerry KEYone keyboard still has the 3D shape that allows one's thumb to navigate and type easily. The keyboard will also function as a trackpad that enables handset users to steer through apps and text comfortably without covering the screen display. Aside from that, a phone case designer and manufacturer dress up the KEYone with a stylish case.

Incipio just recently introduced the case lineup for the BlackBerry KEYone smartphone, according to Android Headlines. It composes three new phone cases which include the DualPro, Octane Pure, and the NGP case. The DualPro is a dual-layer case that has a soft inner layer and a hard outside case for protection on impact when dropped while Octane Pure features thicker corners that will serve the same purpose.

On the other hand, BlackBerry KEYone will have the NGP case as a soft-shell case meaning it carries the light and thinner feature but still can provide some protection subtle way. Both the DualPro and Octane cases cost $29.99 each while NGP case will have a price tag of $19.99.

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