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Google Pixel Users Could Receive The Android O In August

Jun 08, 2017 05:09 AM EDT


Google Pixel smartphones will be the first to receive the Android O update. A recent report says the handsets will cherish the update during the mid-August 2017.

The key benefit of the Google Pixel smartphone users is that they can easily avail the latest Android software and its update. The managing director of the Android Police, David Ruddock, has recently revealed an important fact. According to the revelation of Ruddock, Pixel handset will be the first to have the Android O update.

Ruddock has recently said on Twitter that the Android O update will be first available for the Google Pixel in August 2017. That means both the Google Pixel and the Google Pixel XL will get the update, Tech Radar reported. Ruddock makes it clear that he receives the information regarding the Android O update from the reliable source. But, the important thing is there could be some changes later.

It is a common fact that release dates are many times subject to change. According to BGR, Ruddock has pointed out that the Android O release will be earlier than previous year's Nougat release for the Nexus devices. So far it is not clear whether the older devices, Google Pixel C and the Nexus, will receive the update at the same time or not. Now the Nexus devices that are still availing the Android updates could get their Android O builds when the Google Pixel will receive the update.

Users who wait for the Android O update for their Google Pixel smartphones can try the beta version in their handsets. Another interesting fact is the release of the Android O doesn't necessarily relate to the release of the Pixel 2 series. Consumers have to wait until the late September or the October for the pixel 2 handsets.

Currently, no leaks or words are available about the next series of Google Pixel handsets. Apart from the Android O update, users are also discussing the iOS 11. It is supposed that this Google update will be released before the arrival of Apple's iOS 11.

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