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The ‘McCrime’ of the Decade—Man Throws McChicken & Faces Time in Jail

Dec 03, 2014 06:17 PM EST


A pregnant woman is in the hospital, her husband is in jail, and police report that there is McChicken residue strewn throughout the crime scene. It's a bit hard for McDonald's to back the claim that "they're lovin' it", now isn't it?

Earlier today, 21-year-old Iowa resident Marvin Tramaine Hill II was arrested and charged with domestic assault when what started as a nice little treat turned into a violent food fight-or rather attack. The aggressor: an outspoken hater of everything McChicken, from the bun to the spread. The victim: his pregnant wife who sustained injuries to the face and nose.

Des Moines, Iowa police arrested the suspect after the brutal attack, wherein Hill reported that his wife had awoken him at roughly 1pm, with a McChicken in hand. Enraged "because he doesn't like them", according to Des Moines police, Hill flung the sandwich at his wife's face, later picking up what was left of the bun to smash it in her face. But what Hill initially told officers was that his pregnant wife, the one bearing gifts of the McChicken variety, was the actual aggressor of the situation. But the claim was later unsubstantiated when Hill admitted to being upset and throwing the sandwich at her face.

And what typically would be considered a "he said, she said" situation has actually been backed by video evidence, ironically captured by the suspect himself.

In what police believe was an attempt to show that his pregnant wife was the aggressor, Hill began recording her using his cellphone when she stepped away to clean herself off. And though the video does show the woman knocking the phone out of Hill's hand, officers believe that Hill tried to goad his wife into the situation.

But the situation could have been far worse in the end. Noting Hill's violent temper and distraught state of mind, police confiscated his weapons and weapons permit, and Hill remains in custody at Polk County Jail.

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