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LG G6 Pro And G6 Plus Could Land In Korea On June 27 With The LG Pay Service

Jun 09, 2017 01:58 PM EDT

The core essence of a smartphone, with a solid firmness and minimalistic design that actually fits in your hand
(Photo : LG Mobile Global / You Tube) The core essence of a smartphone, with a solid firmness and minimalistic design that actually fits in your hand.

A new report indicates that LG is preparing to launch two new handsets, G6 Pro and G6 Plus. The tech company may release the handsets in Korea on June 27.

A few months ago LG released its stunningly beautiful flagship handset G6. Even some recent rumors at the onset of the current month revealed that the company could expand this G6 lineup. Now the latest report originating from South Korea pointed out this fact.

According to GSMArena, the latest report indicates that two new smartphones of the G6 lineup may see the daylight on June 27, 2017. But, the interesting fact is these two LG handsets the G6 Pro, and the G6 Plus will land first in Korea. That means consumers in Korea can cherish these phones first.

It is said that the G6 Plus will feature the wireless charging and 128GB of built-in storage. The existing G6 model of LG in the U.S. market only has this wireless charging option. Reports about the G6 Pro handset indicate that the smartphone will support 32GB of storage. Now it is not yet clear why the G6 Pro model will have such a small amount of the built-in storage.

The G6 Pro and the G6 Plus may surface with the new Optical Astro Black color version. The Astro Black color is quite different from the basic one, but, it delivers a unique look. It must be the first time for the LG to introduce this color version for the two upcoming handsets.

The important fact is the Astro Black color handsets will deliver different tones obviously depending on the angle of the light rays. The Science Times previously revealed that both the handsets of the LG would be equipped with the Snapdragon 821 chipset. The G6 Pro and the G6 Plus will also have the 5.7 inches Full Vision Display.

So it is quite clear that the key difference between these two handsets of LG must be the storage capacities. LG has recently launched the LG Pay, a mobile payment service, in South Korea. It is expected that the two new models G6 Pro and the G6 plus will contribute to the success of this mobile payment service.

The G6 Plus is said to be priced at $890 and the G6 Pro will land with a price tag of $712. No official confirmation about the arrival of the G6 Plus and the G6 Pro is surfaced so far. So it is not yet clear whether the models will be available in other parts of the world or not in the coming months.


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