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Microsoft Surface Phone Leaked To Feature Built-In Projector & Surface Pen Support, Stylus Already Up For Pre-Order

Jun 10, 2017 07:14 AM EDT

The Microsoft Surface Pen was reported to have color options of black, blue, or burgundy versions and are already up for pre-order.
(Photo : MobySmartCat/Youtube) The Microsoft Surface Mobile leak showed that the mobile will feature a built-in projector and support the new and improved Surface Pen.

Microsoft accessory for Surface laptops, Surface Pen was recently announced to be already available for pre-order. As an upgraded and improved version of the pen was revealed, leaks point out that Microsoft Surface Phone that is equipped with it will be unveiled soon as well.

According to Digit, several details about the upcoming Microsoft Surface Phone was leaked on Microsoft’s Chinese website, Bilibili. The translated caption in the image stated that the device is not just any simple handheld terminal. The device was identified to be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon platform and will increase user productivity. 

“The new “ONTO TABLE” projection Continuum function, sustainable for more than an hour of desktop work; 185 degrees, providing a comfortable experience; equipped with exclusive Surface Pen, a key to call out OneNote, easy notes into. The new Surface peeking and Surface Slavonia, not only a handheld terminal, it is a portable work platform,” as written in the Bilibili site.

With that said, the believed Microsoft Surface Phone leak will allow users to view their mobile device screen into a projector. The 185 degree was also expected to pertain into a recent patent of a foldable smartphone filed by the company. The aforementioned Qualcomm was suggested that the device would be powered by the Snapdragon 835. OneNote was mentioned as well alongside an equipped Surface Pen.

Aside from that, a Surface Peking and Surface Slavonia were mentioned as well. The two were then speculated to be the codenames for Microsoft Surface Phone variants. Speaking of Surface Pen, the Microsoft Surface Pen is already revealed to be up for pre-order. The pen has color options of black, blue, or burgundy versions as reported by The Verge.

Nonetheless, the Microsoft Surface Pen released this year is described to have doubled its pointer speed and no lags could be experienced already. The Surface Pen costs $99.99 on Microsoft’s pre-order page. However, only the platinum option is left available up to now and is said to be released on June 15. Pen support for Surface Studio desktops and Surface Books were announced to come on a later date.

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