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OnePlus 5 Horizontal Dual Camera Officially Confirmed; Back Design & Release Date Also Revealed

Jun 11, 2017 10:19 AM EDT

(Photo : iTech / YouTube) OnePlus just revealed that it's going to officially announce its next flagship smartphone - the OnePlus 5 - on June 20. The announcement will be live-streamed online, so everyone's going to be able to discover the OnePlus 5 in real time. OnePlus has shared an official image of the back of the OnePlus 5, showing a metal build and dual-lens camera.

OnePlus 5 enthusiasts would be glad to hear the great news about OnePlus' highly-anticipated smartphone. News are spreading that one of the device's exciting feature is officially confirmed after months of speculation about it. Aside from that, back design and release date of the aforementioned handset was also revealed.

OnePlus is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer that is establishing a name in the mobile phone industry. Founded only in 2013, it is now one of the emerging electronic companies in the trade market known for producing the OnePlus smartphone product line. Currently, the company already released five devices and allegedly will unveil its sixth handset, the OnePlus 5.

OnePlus smartphone devices are famous for having top of the line specifications that can compete with other high-end handsets of top companies. But the most appealing about those devices is it comes at a very affordable price, unlike others. Now, OnePlus is reportedly set to release OnePlus 5, their rumored flagship handset for this year, with an exciting feature and design.

According to GSMArena, OnePlus confirmed that their upcoming One Plus 5 smartphone will have a dual camera setup. The company released an image showing the back of the phone through its Twitter account. The photo reveals that the dual camera will be horizontally placed in the upper left corner beside its LED flash.

The antenna can be seen at the top of the phone that will conform to the curve edge of the back panel. OnePlus 5 will also have a microSD/SIM slot on the right side just above the power button. OnePlus also made some enhancements to its microphone by giving it a dynamic approach that consumers will notice.

Android Headlines further added that the back design of the OnePlus 5 also reveals that there's no fingerprint reader on it, signifying that it will be embedded in its Home button. The device also comes with a black matte as its standard color option unlike the limited variant of its predecessor, the OnePlus 3T.

However, there is still no confirmation regarding some of OnePlus 5 important features that include 5.5-inch Full HD display panel, Snapdragon 835 processor, 8GB of RAM and a 64-256GB internal storage. OnePlus, through its Twitter account, also revealed that OnePlus' flagship handset will be formally launched on June 20 and will have it live stream worldwide.

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