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NASA Introduces A Batmobile Inspired Mars Rover For Its Future Red Planet Exploration

Jun 11, 2017 06:28 PM EDT

NASA's new Mars rover concept looks like a Batmobile
(Photo : Tech Insider / YouTube) Since late 2016, NASA's privately-run Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, an unnamed cable television network, and a company that builds concept vehicles have been quietly collaborating to build a full-size rover for exploring Mars. NASA revealed the rover concept during their "Summer of Mars" event at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Little by little, NASA is making some progress on its ambitious exploration to planet Mars. Reports are spreading that they have introduced a Batmobile concept that they will use for the future Mars Rover vehicle. What does the new concept look like and what new exciting aspects does it bring?

NASA or the National Aeronautics and Space Administration is an independent agency of the United States of America that is in charge to the space program of the US government that includes aerospace and aeronautics research. For the past years, it has made many significant discovery and findings here on Earth and the outer space.

From unearthing of Earth's bizarre archaeological sites up to the terrestrial detection of other planets in outer space, NASA has been part of those exploration and investigation. Now that the US space agency is looking for its grand voyage towards planet Mars, it is also gradually putting up the pieces to make it happen.

According to Digital Trends, it seems that NASA plan of Mars exploration is building up as they have unveiled the concept for the Mars Rover they'll be using. The concept was actually taken from a fictional/superhero vehicle, Bruce Wayne's design of Batmobile. Though it is surprising, the US space agency appears to be serious about it and now getting the people's attention.

The Batmobile idea for the Mars Rover was created by the Parker Brothers Concepts, the same company who built the 'Tumbler' Batmobile during the Gumball 3000 rally. NASA also announced that Batmobile inspired Mars Rover will be displayed at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex to endorse and inform the public about their serious plan of a Mars exploration.

Daily Mail further revealed that the radical concept of the Mars Rover was already under development since late of 2016. NASA also detailed the design of the alleged Batmobile vehicle as a six-wheeled Mars Rover totally made of carbon fiber and aluminum that is solar-powered. The six wheels are measured 50 inches tall and 30 inches wide that will come with air ducts for it to easily navigate at Mars surface.

The Batmobile Mars Rovers dimensions are 28 feet long, 13 feet wide and 11 feet tall with an approximate weight of 5,000 pounds (around 2,250 kgs). Just said earlier, it will run under solar power through an electric motor with a 700-volt backup battery. NASA also designed the vehicle to accommodate four astronauts and will be having a detachable laboratory at the back section for independent research.

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