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AMD Radeon GPUs Are Exceptional For It 'Mine' Online Threats From Cryptocurrencies

Jun 12, 2017 04:40 AM EDT

AMD Radeon GPUs are Rare for Mining Bitcoin
(Photo : TheBitcoinMiner/Youtube) AMD Radeon GPUs are Rare for Mining Bitcoin

The AMD Radeon GPUs are praised on its exceptional capability for power and efficiency. The GPUs are said to have mining capability to detect online threats from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

VentureBeat reported that AMD Radeon GPUs demands have been lighted up after the massive popularity of Bitcoin and other kinds of cryptocurrencies. The said cryptocurrencies bring online threats like some form of ransomware to a user.

According to Investing Bizz, the shares of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. or AMD, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMD) slightly went down to -0.23% to close at $12.87. However, the stocks of its AMD Radeon GPUs became rare for the graphics card has been known to be powerful and efficient in mining real Bitcoin and at the same time detect fake Bitcoins as well as other kinds of cryptocurrencies that may bring online threats.

Because of the capability of the AMD Radeon GPUs, its demand has risen and until now, it became difficult to find even an RX 500 series of AMD graphics card. Additionally, the combination of energy efficiencies and number-crunching power of the Polaris graphics cards from AMD which was released last April has attracted the customers to be secured while mining altcoin crypt to currencies.

In mining altcoins, players will be given chance to trade it for proper correct bitcoins through exchange websites. Mining is referred to as the use of the processor to help in decrypting purchases with altcoins.

Meanwhile, AMD spokesperson said that it's still the gaming market which is their first priority. Furthermore, he added, "We are seeing solid demand for our Polaris-based offerings in the gaming as well as in the cryptocurrency mining markets because of the strong performance of AMD GPUs."

Thus, the growing demand for the AMD Radeon GPUs in the market should be supplied by the company itself. If there will be a shortage of the supply, its main competitor, the Nvidia company could launch GPUs that are specifically designed for cryptocurrency mining.

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