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AMD Radeon Crimson Relive Edition Softwares Top Up Performance For 'Prey' & 'Dirt 4'

Jun 13, 2017 06:35 AM EDT

AMD Radeon Crimson ReLive Edition Tops Up Performance For Prey and Dirt 4
(Photo : AMD/Youtube) AMD Radeon Crimson ReLive Edition Tops Up Performance For Prey and Dirt 4

The latest AMD Radeon software, the Crimson Relive Edition, is one of the top performer latest updates nowadays. The software is almost the same with the other versions except that it is capable of providing a host of added functionality.

Digital Trends reported that it's a good news for AMD Radeon fans. It's because the all-new version of the AMD Radeon's Software Crimson Relive Edition is not out in the market. Furthermore, the software can abruptly update popular games such as Prey and Dirt 4 for those who are too excited to try.

The AMD Radeon software update makes no different from the previous versions for providing core drivers for the Radeon GPUs except that it can provide host of added functionality. According to Investing Bizz, the new AMD Radeon software can top up performance for games like Prey and Dirt 4.

Running the most updated drivers on a computer especially for gaming fans is the best way to enjoy a computer. Especially when it comes to GPU just like the AMD Radeon where it can improve the reliability and performance as well as periodically add new features for the device.

The updated AMD Radeon Crimson Relive Edition Software jumps up to version 176.1 wherein it gets packed with the usual performance improvements for some of the most popular titles along with the host of fixes. This includes the improvement for Dirt 4 where it added multi-GPU support plus around 30 percent faster performance on the AMD Radeon RX 580 GPU. Moreover, the Prey GPU performance also increased on up to four percent improvement and became a bit faster than before.

Additionally, there are also ten issues that were resolved by the AMD Radeon Crimson Relive Edition Software including GPU Scaling feature, fluctuation of graphics memory clock, among others. Thus, with the upgrade, fans should not wait long enough to get the latest AMD Radeon software to enjoy Prey and Dirt 4.

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