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Skype 8.0 Is Now Available For The Android Devices

Jun 12, 2017 07:49 PM EDT


A new Skype 8.0 is now available for the Android users. Consumers now can have this messaging application in the Google Play Store.

The Skype team previously announced significant words about the release of the new version of the Skype app. According to Phone Arena, the team revealed that the new version will be released in the early days of the month. The new version must be available for the mobile users and later the consumers can have it on the desktop. Though, it seems the developers took some more time to unveil the new Skype 8.0.

The New Skype 8.0 features a series of new improvements. The new version delivers a new design for the group chats. Users can easily customize the messaging application with their selected colors. They can tap on the reaction icon that exists next to the message or the video call during the time of the conversation.

GSMArena stated that the main screen of the Skype 8.0 has three tabs. The key one must be in the center where the users' chats will reside. Another tab will exist on the left side and it is called Highlights, which is a rip-off of the stories feature from the Snapchat. It helps the users to upload their images and videos to create the highlight reel of the day.

The users can share these images and videos later with their friends. The tab on the right side is called Capture and it is another important Snapchat rip-off. The users can take their own pictures here that can be added to the Highlights reel or can be sent to the important contacts. An editing tool also exists here that helps to draw or add stickers and this reveals that Skype 8.0 is ready to explore many features.

So the users of the Android devices can avail the new Skype 8.0 and after this Apple's iPhone users will receive this new version. Mac and the Windows will get this version in the coming months. In a word, the new version of the Skype is truly new with some exciting aspects and doesn't at all look like the old one.


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