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A Successful Weight Loss Program Should Consider These Two Factors

Jun 12, 2017 06:57 PM EDT

A man has his glucose level checked.
(Photo : David McNew/Getty Images) A man has his glucose level checked.

High fasting plasma glucose has been shown to reduce more weight that low plasma glucose. Researchers from the University of Copenhagen, University of Colorado and Tufts University in collaboration with Spanish biomedical research center and a biotech company have presented the data in the annual scientific sessions of American Diabetes Association.

Researchers from those universities along with the Centro de Investigación Biomédica en Red de Fisiopatología de la Obesidad y Nutrición (CIBER OBN) and Gelesis have found that in order to select the right diet, the blood sugar and fasting insulin should be used as the determining factor. The study evaluated six major interventional diet studies that used a variety of nutrition strategies, and the fasting plasma glucose has proven to be the most important marker.

According to a statement from the University of Copenhagen, the fasting plasma glucose, which consists of blood sugar and fasting insulin, were repeatedly shown as the predictor of the success for weight loss. The studies were led by Head of the Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports at the University of Copenhagen, Professor Arne Astrup.

“Remarkably, for many patients, use of these biomarkers can lead to a six- to seven-fold greater weight loss,” Professor Astrup said about the fasting plasma glucose as the marker. "We can educate patients when a diet they planned to follow would actually make them gain weight, and redirect them to a strategy that we know will work for them.”

The study has been presented at the 77th Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association. In the study, researchers suggested that fasting plasma glucose should be measured to determine the weight loss diet program. In the most cases, for prediabetes patients, a fiber-rich diet without calorie restriction is very effective, while patients with type 2 diabetes a plant-based fat diet is the most effective for weight loss. This research has also proven that the secret to weight loss in related in the blood sugar.

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