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Type 2 Diabetes Gets A Pioneering Breakthrough With The Drug Canagliflozin

Jun 14, 2017 04:36 AM EDT


A new study revealed that drug canagliflozin appears to decrease the risk of kidney and cardiovascular disease. This drug is mainly helpful to treat the type 2 diabetes.

A recent study performed by The George Institute for Global Health unveiled significant findings of the drug canagliflozin used for type 2 diabetes. Recent findings have revealed that this drug reduces the risk of the cardiovascular disease by 14 percent. The drug is helpful to lower the risk of the heart failure hospitalization by 33 percent. The study is available in The New England Journal of Medicine.

Currently, 450 million people in the world are suffering from type 2 diabetes. Now the findings of the new study must have some important implications for the treatment of diabetes. Prof. Bruce Neal of The George Institute for Global Health opines significantly about the findings related to canagliflozin. He utters that the findings bring hope to the victims of the type 2 diabetes.

At present, coronary heart disease surfaces as the major killer for people who suffer from the type 2 diabetes. Prof. Bruce Neal reveals that canagliflozin produces a number of benefits. Apart from lowering the risk of the heart disease, the medicine is beneficial to reduce the body weight and to curve the blood pressure.

According to EurekAlert, the number of type 2 diabetes victims is increasing rapidly in the world. Prof. Bruce Neal opines that it is essential to have drugs that can deal with the glucose levels and simultaneously protects people from the heart attack. Now the study is very beneficial for the Australians because diabetes is responsible for almost 65 percent of the cardiovascular deaths.

Also, diabetes is the leading cause of the end-stage kidney problem. Notably, an earlier study suggested that decrement of the cardiovascular risk is associated with the decrement of the sugar level by the drug. Co-author of the study, Professor Vlado Perkovic, said that test results must bring assurance for both physicians and the patients. They study plays the actual role of the game changer to treat the type 2 diabetes.

The study findings have shown that canagliflozin decreases the risk of the heart disease and protects from the kidney decline of many diabetes patients. Canagliflozin is identified as the SGLT2 inhibitor and blocks the reabsorption of the glucose in the body. It releases excessive glucose through urine and thereby reduces the glucose levels. The other type 2 diabetes drugs control the insulin level to lower the blood sugar level.

Professor Neal opined that it is necessary to become more careful while prescribing Canagliflozin as there is an increasing risk of amputation. More study is necessary to explore the effects of this drug. But, currently, this drug can play a pioneering role in treating the Type 2 diabetes with a number of other benefits.

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