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Samsung Unlikely To Present The Under-Glass Fingerprint Sensor Feature To The Galaxy Note 8

Jun 14, 2017 04:34 AM EDT


Samsung is getting some rave on its upcoming Galaxy Note 8 phablet. Reports are spreading that South Korean tech company is unlikely to present the under-glass fingerprint sensor to the device.

Samsung or Samsung Electronics is a multinational tech company that designs, develops and manufactures high-end consumer products such as home appliances and electronic gadgets. The giant tech company products lines include the LCD and LED panels, mobile phones, tablets, semiconductor equipment, televisions, cameras and others.

Currently, Samsung mobile devices are making them famous and keeping them abreast with other tech companies. Last April, the South Korean tech company released its flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. Now, the company is set to unveil its follow-up top-end device, the Galaxy Note 8.

However, the device might not carry the previously rumored feature that it will offer. According to TweakTown, Samsung won't likely feature the under-glass fingerprint sensor to the Galaxy Note 8 that everybody is already expecting. This is after the giant tech company failed to impress the consumers on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus fingerprint sensor.

The position of the fingerprint sensor in the S8 and S8 Plus seems to be awkward located right beside the camera at the back of the phone. Though there are reports that Samsung tried to embed the fingerprint sensor under the glass in front of the device, technical issues prevent it from happening that prompts them to yield the plan.

However, there is information that Samsung attempt to employ the under-glass fingerprint sensor to the Galaxy Note 8 according to GSMArena. Unfortunately, the South Korean tech company still struggles to fit in the feature to the device giving an indication that the Note 8 might not have it at all.

But some reports say that the real reason for the abandonment of the under-glass fingerprint sensor feature to the Galaxy Note 8 is security-related according to Samsung official. Another issue is the lock/unlock feature of the device that might confuse the whole device's function as well. It will not be surprising if other issues might arise on the device, who is expected to come in September.

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