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NASA Official Assures That The Mars Exploration Will Push Through In 2033

Jun 14, 2017 04:30 AM EDT

NASA is going to Mars by 2033
(Photo : mic of orion / YouTube) NASA’s new 19.5 billion budget is slightly larger than budget NASA got last year, however still falls short of what NASA needs to get humans to Mars by 2033.

NASA Mars exploration is already a sure thing according to the agency's chief himself. Just recently, the agency's chief announced that Mars exploration will push through on 2033 and it appears there is no one to stop it.

NASA or National Aeronautics and Space Administration is an independent agency of the US federal government that is tasked to lead the civilian space program in addition to aerospace and aeronautics research. Founded in 1958, the US space agency has been successful on providing ample information and discoveries here on Earth and in the outer space.

From the Apollo Moon missions to the Skylab, Space Shuttle and International Space Station project up to the discovery of other planets in the solar system, NASA has been part of those endeavors. Now, the US space agency is reportedly focusing their interest on a possible voyage to Mars and it appears that the agency has been planning it already three months ago.

According to NASA website, the journey to Mars has been in the plan for NASA for the past years and the agency believed that they making a big progress. The US space agency already dispatched numerous exploration to the Red Planet sending orbiters, landers and rovers to study the planet. Just recently, the Curiosity rover has been successful in getting information about Mars radiation that could help shield astronauts from it.

Now, NASA is planning to send another Mars rover in 2020 to further investigate the possible presence of oxygen and water - key components for life to exist. With the future Mars mission in full swing, the US space agency chief pledges that the journey to the Red Planet is well underway in terms of the financial matter is concern.

NASA Acting Administrator Robert Lightfoot announced that the 2018 agency's budget guarantees the Mars mission and well on track for the 2033 launch according to USA TODAY. The NASA acting chief is currently explaining the $3.9 billion budget proposal for human exploration of Mars which comprises two parts: the construction of the Orion vehicle that will transport astronaut in space and the Space Launch System rocket that will carry the Orion get by the moon and heads to Mars.

Lightfoot also announced that there is still 20 other Earth mission that the NASA plan to accomplish. But he hopes that the budget for the Mars mission will be approved despite some congressmen looking to cut it down to allocate some of the budgets to other projects.

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