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The World's First Named Dinosaur's New Teeth Revealed Via CT Scanning Technology

Jun 13, 2017 03:10 PM EDT

Megalosaurus New Teeth Discovered Thru CT Scanning Technology
(Photo : Mr Fredbear golden/Youtube) Megalosaurus New Teeth Discovered Thru CT Scanning Technology

The world's first named dinosaur fossil Megalosaurus previously unseen teeth have been finally revealed. The CT scanning technology had been a great help for the 200 years old fossil after it created a digital 3D image of the fossil.

Phys.org reported how the research of Professor Mark Williams from WMG University of Warwick and the University of Oxford's Museum of Natural History helped a lot in the fossil of Megalosaurus. The Megalosaurus is the world's first dinosaur when its fossil was found over 200 years after it was discovered.

According to Warwick, there were some unseen teeth that were revealed in the jawbone which was revealed after the use of CT scanning technology. The CT scanning technology used a digital three-dimensional image of the Megalosaurus' fossil along with the help of specialist analysis software. The joint technology made it clear the details of the inside in the jawbone for the first time, thus made them realized that historical restorations are less expensive than what was previously thought.

Furthermore, Professor Williams was able to see what's inside the jawbone bone of the Megalosaurus and trace the roots of the teeth as well as analyzed how it would extent on different repairs. Likewise, some damaged had been also noticed on the fossil after it has been removed from the rock where it was found.

Additionally, the scans of the Megalosaurus' teeth revealed that the previously unseen teeth have grown deep within the jaw of the dinosaur before it died. It is also the CT scanning technology which shows that there may have been at least two possible phases of repair for the teeth with the use of different plaster materials.

Thus, the research of Professor Williams and the research group of WMG, University of Warwick shows significance in providing new information to help the museum to decide for future restoration on the fossils of the Megalosaurus. Thanks to the big help of CT scanning technology, the world's first named dinosaur's fossil will be correctly repaired for display at the museum.

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