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Samsung Galaxy FE Specs, Price: Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 Units With Bixby Feature Expected To Arrive In July 7

Jun 14, 2017 04:39 AM EDT

Samsung changed the plan of making 300,000 units of Samsung Galaxy FE into 450,000 instead.
(Photo : MRM Cyberspace/Youtube) Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units were planned to be released under the name of Samsung Galaxy

After the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, details about the plans of making the continuation of the 2016 phablet possible were released. Samsung will reportedly launch the phablet under the variant name, Samsung Galaxy FE, which will sport the company’s latest Bixby feature.

According to Android Authority, the delay of the Samsung Galaxy FE release was caused by Samsung changing their original plan of making 300,000 units of the device; however, they will be producing 450,000 more units instead. The company’s 50 percent stock increase was also said to be considered upon the renewed plan.

Specs-wise, the Samsung Galaxy FE was revealed to still retain some of the powerful specs of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 but will introduce some changes as well. The Galaxy FE was said to still maintain the screen’s 5.7 inch Quad HD display along with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. The device was noted to still be powered by Exynos 8990 processor along with the handset’s 12-megapixel camera feature.

Aside from that, the Samsung Galaxy FE was stated to still feature 4GB of RAM coupled with 64GB of built-in internal storage. However, the battery capacity of the refurbished Note 7 was reduced from 3,500 mAh to a smaller 3,200 mAh battery juice instead, as the issue of the battery from the Note 7 was recalled, Geeky Gadgets reported.

Nonetheless, the Samsung Galaxy FE was revealed to be launched with Samsung’s latest virtual assistant Bixby but will not have a dedicated Bixby button for it. Speaking of launch, it is expected to be available on sale in July as the Note 7 was released August. Yet, the price and availability of the smartphone in different countries weren’t disclosed.

Rest assured, the Samsung Galaxy FE was said to be on sale in South Korea for KRW 700,000, which converts to $615, £480 and AU$825. The price was also mentioned to be cheaper compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Yet, the availability of the device in other markets was rumored to be made after the launch date in South Korea, which is after July 7.

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