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Google Pixel XL’s Sucesor, Muskie, Reportedly Canceled: Probably Replaced By A Bigger One

Jun 14, 2017 04:37 AM EDT


A recent rumor suggested that Google has shelved the Google Pixel XL's successor model to bring two smartphones in 2017. Previous reports hinted the company was working on three handsets.

Just a few months ago reports surfaced that Google might unveil three Pixel-branded handsets in 2017. According to GSMArena, among the three handsets, two of them were the direct successors of the Google Pixel XL and the Google Pixel smartphone. Google launched these two phones in 2016. Now the third model was bigger than the said two models.

The codenames of these three models were as Walleye, Muskie and the Taimen. A recent rumor has claimed that Google will bring two new smartphones not three in 2017. That means one of the said codenamed model will not see the daylight finally. The Interesting fact is, Muskie was the direct successor of the Google Pixel XL handset and rumor says Google has canceled this model.

Walleye was the direct successor of the Google Pixel. On the other hand, Taimen is the bigger handset, probably bigger than the Google Pixel XL. Android Police reported that Taimen was bigger than the Muskie and the Walleye. After the latest rumor about the cancellation of the Muskie, it is quite clear now that Taimen will probably be the second generation Pixel XL.

Now if the rumor is true, then Google plans to land only two Pixel smartphones. So far no specific reason is surfaced behind the cancellation of the Google Pixel XL's successor Muskie. GSMArena stated that last week a model with a bigger screen than the existing Google Pixel XL was uncovered in a benchmark. That means this must be the third model with a larger display.

It is expected that this new bigger model will have the smaller bezels. In a word, current rumor indicates that only two Google models will be released and among them, one is the successor of the Pixel. The other one is the bigger handset than the Google Pixel XL.

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